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Within 10 years 1/2 of businesses are gone and within 15 years 2/3 businesses are gone. We don't want that for you which is why our system is designed to help you build a business that defies these statistics.


Within 10 years 1 of 2 businesses fail and within 15 years 2 of 3 businesses fail
Business survival rates

Sleep better at night by having confidence in your numbers. We work with business owners to implement a bookkeeping system that gives accurate, reliable and timely numbers that can be used for decision making, operating your business, and maintaining compliance with tax regulations.


A simple accounting system using Dext and QBO to track financial information
A simple accounting setup

Our system is built with business owners like you in mind. Helping you collect your cash, pay your bills and make smart data-driven decisions. Using a combination of Dext and Quickbooks Online allows you access to your numbers anytime and anywhere.

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Your numbers tell the story of your business. If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business. Our consulting services are designed to help you know your numbers allowing you to minimize the firefighting and quickly flag the areas of your business that need to be worked on.


Accounting Vancouver

Falling behind on tax obligations creates a huge drag on a small business. Having accurate accounting reports and guidance will help you make payments on time and plan around a large expense – taxes so that tax time doesn’t lead you to a cash crunch. Our accounting services are also designed to help you use tax planning strategies to keep as much money in your pocket as possible.


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Bookkeeping is the foundation of all business finance endeavours.Without bookkeeping that is accurate, reliable, and timely meeting tax obligations will be a perpetual challenge and being able to make wise business decisions will be nearly impossible. Our bookkeeping systems are designed to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.


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About Foundation Accounting Ltd.

Foundation Accounting provides integrated bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services to small business owners and individuals in British Columbia, Canada. The firm was founded to help small business owners and individuals gain financial clarity so they can make better decisions and minimize financial stress in their life. We are here to support small businesses each and every day.

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